Cornell University
Ithaca, NY, USA

26 - 29 June 2001


Friday 29 June 2001

09:00 - 11:00

On decision making under ambiguous prior and sampling information
Thomas Augustin

No trade in financial markets with uncertainty
Marcello Basili and Fulvio Fontini

Decision trade-offs under severe info-gap uncertainty
Yakov Ben-Haim

Non-parametric inference about an unknown mean using the imprecise Dirichlet model
Jean-Marc Bernard

Functions and measures with linear ordinal scales, (a-)symmetric Sugeno integral and ordinal Ky Fan distance
Dieter Denneberg and Michel Grabisch

Imprecision in a timber asset sale model: Motivation, specification, and behavioral implications
Mark J. Ducey

Posterior previsions for the parameter of a binomial model via natural extension of a finite number of judgments
Vincent Fortin, Éric Parent and Bernard Bobée

An outline of a unifying statistical theory
Frank Hampel

Imprecise identification from incomplete data
Joel L. Horowitz and Charles F. Manski

A multiperiod binomial model for pricing options in an uncertain world
Silvia Muzzioli and Costanza Torricelli

Uncertainty aversion with second-order probabilities and utilities
Robert F. Nau

Interval discriminant analysis: An efficient method to integrate errors in supervised pattern recognition
Philippe Nivlet, Frédérique Fournier and Jean-Jacques Royer

Computing the reliability of complex systems
Lev V. Utkin and Igor O. Kozine

Modified upper and lower probabilities based on imprecise likelihoods
Nic Wilson

Statistical inference of the naive credal classifier
Marco Zaffalon

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