Cornell University
Ithaca, NY, USA

26 - 29 June 2001


Thursday 28 June 2001

09:00 - 11:00

Dempster's rule of combination in modal logic
Veselka Boeva

A simplified algorithm for inference by lower conditional probabilities
Andrea Capotorti and Barbara Vantaggi

Locally additive comparative probabilities
Giulianella Coletti and Romano Scozzafava

Constructing sets of probability measures through Kuznetsov's independence condition
Fabio G. Cozman

Lattice structure of the families of compatible frames of discernment
Fabio Cuzzolin and Ruggero Frezza

Geometric analysis of belief space and conditional subspaces
Fabio Cuzzolin and Ruggero Frezza

New semantics for quantitative possibility theory
Didier Dubois, Henri Prade and Philippe Smets

Imprecise probabilities of engineering system failure from random and fuzzy set reliability analysis
Jim Hall and Jonathan Lawry

Constructing coherent models of conditional and unconditional upper probabilities
Hugo Janssen

A protocol for the elicitation of prior distributions
Gertrudes C. Nadler Lins and Fernando M. Campello de Souza

Fuzzy, probabilistic and stochastic modelling of an elastically bedded beam
Michael Oberguggenberger and Francesco Russo

A note on the Dutch book method
Jeff B. Paris

Coherent risk measures and upper previsions
Renato Pelessoni and Paolo Vicig

Graphical models for conditional independence structures
Barbara Vantaggi

Confidence as higher-order uncertainty
Pei Wang

Characterizing fuzzy measures used in uncertainty representation
Ronald R. Yager

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