Cornell University
Ithaca, NY, USA
26 - 29 June 2001


Building Classification Trees Using the Total Uncertainty Criterion
Joaquín Abellán, Serafín Moral

On Decision Making under Ambiguous Prior and Sampling Information
Thomas Augustin

Reasoning with Assertions of High Conditional Probability: Entailment with Universal Near Surety
Donald Bamber, I.R. Goodman

No trade in financial markets with uncertainty
Marcello Basili, Fulvio Fontini

Decision trade-offs under severe info-gap uncertainty
Yakov Ben-Haim

Non-parametric Inference about an Unknown Mean using the Imprecise Dirichlet Model
Jean-Marc Bernard

Probabilistic Logic under Coherence: Complexity and Algorithms
Veronica Biazzo, Angelo Gilio, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Giuseppe Sanfilippo

Dempster's Rule of Combination in Modal Logic
Veselka Boeva

A simplified algorithm for inference by lower conditional probabilities
Andrea Capotorti, Barbara Vantaggi

Locally additive comparative probabilities
Giulianella Coletti, Romano Scozzafava

Graphoid Properties of Epistemic Irrelevance and Independence
Fabio Cozman, Peter Walley

Constructing Sets of Probability Measures Through Kuznetsov's Independence Condition
Fabio Cozman

Lattice structure of the families of compatible frames of discernment
Fabio Cuzzolin, Ruggero Frezza

Geometric analysis of belief space and conditional subspaces
Fabio Cuzzolin, Ruggero Frezza

Independent products of numerical possibility measures
Gert de Cooman, Enrique Miranda

Belief models: an order-theoretic analysis
Gert de Cooman

Functions and measures with linear ordinal scales, (a-)symmetric Sugeno integral and ordinal Ky Fan distance
Dieter Denneberg

Conditional upper probabilities assigned by a class of Hausdorff outer measures
Serena Doria

New semantics for quantitative possibility theory
Didier Dubois, Henri Prade, Philippe Smets

Imprecision in a timber asset sale model: motivation, specification, and behavioral implications.
Mark Ducey

Sets of joint probability measures generated by weighted marginal focal sets
Thomas Fetz

Towards a Frequentist Interpretation of Sets of Measures
Pablo Fierens, Terrence Fine

Posterior previsions for the parameter of a binomial model via natural extension of a finite number of judgments
Vincent Fortin

Imprecise Probabilities of Engineering System Failure from Random and Fuzzy Set Reliability Analysis
Jim Hall, Jonathan Lawry

An outline of a unifying statistical theory
Frank Hampel

Constructing coherent models of conditional and unconditional upper probabilities
Hugo Janssen

Different faces of the natural extension
Igor Kozine, Lev Utkin

Computing the reliability of complex systems
Igor Kozine, Lev Utkin

Coherent Lower Previsions as Exact Functionals and their (Sigma-)Core
Sebastian Maaß

Imprecise Identification from Incomplete Data
Charles Manski

Random correspondences as bundles of random variables
Massimo Marinacci

Epistemic Irrelevance on Sets of Desirable Gambles
Serafín Moral

A Multiperiod Binomial Model for Pricing Options in an Uncertain World
Silvia Muzzioli, Costanza Torricelli

A Protocol for the Elicitation of Prior Distributions
Gertrudes Nadler Lins, Fernando Campello de Souza

Uncertainty aversion with second-order probabilities and utilities
Robert Nau

Interval Discriminant Analysis: An Efficient Method to Integrate Errors In Supervised Pattern Recognition
Philippe Nivlet, Frederique Fournier, Jean-Jacques Royer

Fuzzy, probabilistic and stochastic modelling of an elastically bedded beam
Michael Oberguggenberger

A note on the Dutch Book method
Jeff Paris

Coherent Risk Measures and Upper Previsions
Renato Pelessoni, Paolo Vicig

Graphical Models for Conditional Independence Structures
Barbara Vantaggi

A partial solution of the possibilistic marginal problem
Jirina Vejnarova

Confidence as Higher-Order Uncertainty
Pei Wang

The status of F-indicator-fields within the theory of interval-probability
Kurt Weichselberger

Modified upper and lower probabilities based on imprecise likelihoods
Nic Wilson

Characterizing Fuzzy Measures Used in Uncertainty Representation
Ronald Yager

Statistical inference of the naive credal classifier
Marco Zaffalon

Robust discovery of tree-dependency structures
Marco Zaffalon